Youth Hong Kong

三月 28, 2022

Intergenerational connectedness

//vol.14-1 Overview No one disputes the rather stark figures we are confronted with. In 2021, the nu […]
三月 28, 2022

Population pain points

//vol.14-1 Interviews The speed of population ageing in Hong Kong depends on several factors, says P […]
三月 28, 2022

Demographic dividend and dependency

//vol.14-1 Interviews   How does ageing and the dependency ratio in Hong Kong and mainland Chin […]
三月 28, 2022

Future planning, future fears

//vol.14-1 Youth speak   BELLA is in her late 30s. She is single and has a demanding job. Her p […]
三月 28, 2022

Relatives, respect and responsibility

//vol.14-1 Perspectives   Reflections on getting old An essay by Jenny Liu Personally, although […]
三月 28, 2022

A multi-generational family

//vol.14-1 Perspectives   Lily My mother-in-law asked us to move in when her husband died. It w […]
三月 28, 2022

Perennials to millennials

//vol.14-1 Perspectives   Perennials to millennials the post-generational workforce by Elaine M […]
三月 28, 2022

14.1 Connecting the generations

六月 28, 2022

Changing times, changing prospects. study and work in the GBA

//vol.14-2 On the agenda   As the generation that grew up through turbulent times in Hong Kong […]