Serving the community – Insiders’ perspectives

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YHK speaks to two professionals serving the community, a doctor working in a public hospital and an educator who is the principal of primary school. We found out why they want to serve grassroots people.


Maintaining harmony, from theatre to patient

Dr. Celine Tung* became a general surgeon as a second career option. Her first degree was in biomedical sciences, which focused more on research. “I was not very academically inclined when I was young. No one, including myself would have thought I would become a doctor.” However, her main interest was human anatomy. So she decided to pursue a second degree in the UK, specializing in medicine. It was this unexpected twist of fate that led her to work at a public hospital for the past six years.

“When I decided to pursue a second degree in medicine, I wasn’t even sure if I would get onto the programme. I just told myself to try. Even if I was not accepted, at least I would have tried.” When she did get admitted, she was determined to use her newfound knowledge to serve in public health and says she never thought of looking for work overseas because it is difficult for practitioners like her without specializing and taking more accreditation exams.

A calm resolve colours Dr. Celine Tung’s relationships with both colleagues and patients. Although tension and physical weariness may overtake them on shifts of ten hours or more, she says, “I really treasure their company. One reason why I chose to work in a public hospital is because of colleagues. We are like a close-knit family. We look out for one another and really try to help instead of politicking.”

*Name has been changed at the request of the interviewee


Imparting life skills through education

Dr. Tse Wai-lok tried many jobs including administrative work and modelling before finally settling on teaching. It gave her the greatest fulfilment because it meant taking part in the moulding of young lives. “It was while I did postdoctoral level training that I experimented in various teaching methods. I was once a student too and I began asking myself what could do to make lessons interesting and stimulating, instead of just theoretical.”

This simple zeal and desire to innovate has seen Dr. Tse receive rave reviews from the media and parents for her efforts as principal of The HKFYG Lee Shau Kee Primary School. “The school provides free, well-rounded education and we strongly believe that every child is unique. As long as we adopt the right methods, the students will discover the joy of success equally.”

Dr. Tse shares further that with the right values and critical thinking skills, she is hopeful that youth will then have a correct outlook and grow up as healthy individuals eventually.