//vol.14-3 Youth Hong Kong


2022 marks the 25th Anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR. YHK asked 25 young undergraduates, professionals and parents about their aspirations for the future of Hong Kong.

“I wish we could forge ahead to a place where no clear path has yet been trodden and leave a blazing trail.

Alexander Tsang,
law undergraduate



“Mentally and physical health is what I hope my fellow Hongkongers will have. Everyone should learn to really “Laugh Out Loud“ sometimes!”

Iris Leung,
education and Language undergraduate



“The young people of Hong Kong will become our future leaders and I hope they will dream big but know it’s okay to fail. Dreams can drive us to become a bette rversion of ourselves.”

Bridget Chan,
medicine undergraduate



“I hope Hongkongers will remember the spirit of the Lion Rock and never give up in life. The economy will revive in future, I’m sure!”

Yoyo Wong,
prospective university undergraduate



“My wish is for a glorious Hong Kong future, making significant economic recovery a possibility.”

Faye Ng,
prospective university undergraduate



“The West Kowloon Cultural Park offers an attractive venue for different works of art and design works. This makes it possible for Hong Kong to evolve faster from a “cultural desert“. I also hope the city will continue to hold more showcase events related to art and design.”

Chan Chak,



“My hope for Hong Kong youth is that they will do their best to follwo their own hearts and carve their path in life, instead of following blindly what others are doing.”

Nicole Chan,



“I wish that there could be more places in Hong Kong where everyone can express their creativity, regardless of their age, gender or financial status.”

Yip Wui Ying
@ “Deville Dewil“, illustrator



“My simple wish for Hong Kong is that it will stay unique and full of cultural diversity. Different cultures, foods, languages, and opinions can enrich our quality of life greatly.”

John Chow,



“My hope is for a fast-lane approach to sustainability. Hong Kong has made a good start with roadmaps and blueprints, and now we need to think seriously about attracting new blood for sustainable growth. We should also work towards making sustainable products more affordable.”

Corane Chu.
circular fashion programme manager



“My wish for Hong Kong is that it will have more job opportunities for ethnic minority people like me. I grew up in Hong Kong and studied the local curriculum in high school. Hong Kong is an international city and it should be more open to diversity in the workplace.”

Sakshi Vasudev,
educator and NGO founder



“I want to use my Chinese culinary skills to bring joy to the people of Hong Kong. I come form a humble background, and I’ve learnt that food can be a bonding mechanism for everyone making them happy, safe and healthy.”

Charles Cheung,
private chef and company founder



“I hope Hong Kong will continue to develop new policies and strengthen the city’s competitiveness with other Asian cities as well as see continuous growth as an international financial hub.”

Benny Ng,
senior design engineer



“My wish for Hong Kong is that more youth here will make time to cultivate their cultural side. Take me for instance, I picked up calligraphy recently even though it is a very traditional craft. It calms me down when I practice my writing, and it connects me to my roots as a Chinese person.

Gary Yu,
social worker


“In future, I hope Hong Kong will offer fair treatment and opportunities for all youth, so that they will develop into responsible individuals and make sound decision in life.

Tony Leung,
parent of two children in secondary school and primary school



“Moderate levels of free speech are what I hope for in Hong Kong. It is not all doom and gloom here and there are still good opportunities for self-developement. We should stay optimistic and express opinions that are really objective for the good of society.”

Carry Lam,
software engineering higher diploma student



“I wish more youth in Hong Kong would come forward and participate in youth related activities, learn more about oru community and experience voluntarism. This will help us to take a new look at societal issues from different perspectives.”

Wan Hoi Ying
Sociology undergraduate



“My simple wish is that everyone in Hong Kong takes the time to appreciate and complement one another on their merits. With some encouragement, Hong Kong youth may be more willing step out of their comfort zone and strive for greater success.”

Cindy Lau,
English Language Teaching and English Language Studies undergraduate



“I hope every youth in Hong Kong will try to stay healthy and happy. Mental health is vital and COVID-19 is making me realise that a lot of people are living with immense stress because of the challenges they are facing. It will become a serious issue if it is not deal with properly.”

Karishma Khera
Politics/English literatur undergraduate



“My wish for Hong Kong is that more medical solutions can be devised with better technology within a shorter span of time for the benefit of the community, especially the aged.”

Renee Li Hong Ching,
Medical Laboratory Science undergraduate



“I wish Hong Kong people can stay innovative and never stop at their comfort level. Regardless of profession, we all need to keep improving ourselves and thinking out-of-the-box if we wnat to be of service to others and help those in need.”

Dr. Calvin Mak,



“This generation of youth has a very special experience because of the pandemic. They are all learning to grow up amid adversity. I hope they will continue to stay positive. With optimism, they can face all other challenges in Hong Kong’s future.”

Elsa Cheng,
parent of two boys, one with SEN



“My wish for Hong Kong is that it will try to narrow the educational inequality gap with more resources, especially for the less fortunate. Those who are more privileged should also try to help out as volunteers if they can.”

Alison Carless,
Human, Social, and Political Science undergraduate, and NGO founder



“Continued respect for and promotion of the arts and culture is my hope for Hong Kong. This can be by preserving local craftsmanship and conserving old buildings. Local arts professionals should also be provided with more training, so that there is greater synergy and collaboration with grassroot communities.”

Carmen Lau,
assistant museum curator



“My hope for Hong Kong is that we will cherish freedom of speech in this city. Everyone can be an influencer these days, with the advancement of technology and content creation. As individuals, we should collectively continue building a positive community to spread positive vibes in life.”

Edward Ching,
social media manager